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Fearless In Training was founded in 2017 by Madeline Reeves. The firm is a female forward consulting company that works directly with entrepreneurial women, progressive accountants, and technology innovators to offer them help in starting, growing, and scaling successful enterprises. Built on a foundation of expertise in the realms of technology, marketing, education & business development, the firm offers collaborative & catered consulting services to help clients achieve their wildest business dreams.





Madeline built her career at the unique intersection between technology, sales enablement, and channel development. As a business development leader, she has worked with companies from startups to Fortune 500s that were aiming to offer innovative products, partner programs, and marketing to their target consumers. As Madeline expanded her knowledge and skill set in the space, she was continuously crossing paths with people that were looking to truly understand how to thrive by taking advantage of technology, but didn’t know where to start. As she continued to be approached by friends, clients, industry partners, and founders for her expertise as a trainer and educator, she decided to launched Fearless In Training to help people build better businesses through technology.

Fearless In Training is a creative consulting company that focuses on working with female founders, technology innovators, and progressive accounting practices to help them start, grow, and scale their businesses by aligning with their true market potential. The company is powered by a team of female creatives with passion and expertise in the realms of marketing, branding, business development, technology, and sales to offer curated consulting & educational resources to clients from around the globe. Madeline created Fearless In Training to be able to work with companies at a much deeper level to empower them to build businesses that truly thrive.



Fearless In Training is the manifestation of our commitment to help women, accountants, and technology innovators develop the tools, confidence, and expertise they need to live truly empowered lives and deliver best in class services & solutions.  By founding a female forward consulting company, our intention is to help elevate women in the unequal playing fields that still exist in the realms of business, accounting, and technology. It is our truest belief that strong women have a positive and profound impact on the world around them. By working directly with women, as well as accountants & technologists, our firm can help shape future leaders & industries that are rooted in equality and empowerment for all.


FEMALE FIRST. Fearless In Training is a female forward consulting company on a mission to create a more equal playing field in the realms of technology, accounting, and business in general. As a firm, we believe that women must lift each other up to help even this playing field. We honor this commitment by creating intentional work by women and for women, and seek to out partners & clients that are equally committed to equality for all.

CITE YOUR SOURCES. As a firm, we do our best to cite our sources in bold, as abstract as they may be, because not every bit of knowledge we share is our own. Fearless In Training could not have existed without the incredible teaching, content, and coaching of other leaders in this space. We are committed to acknowledging and sharing the resources of others to elevate the content that has had a meaningful impact on our work, and always give credit where it is due.

ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR PRIVILEGE. As a firm, Fearless In Training recognizes that our starting point inherently is influenced by certain privileges particularly with regards to race and education. We make a point to always be aware of the impact these elements and how they have shaped our success. Fearless In Training is focused as a firm on creating content & client services that acknowledge our privileges and that are intentional, honest, and intersectional.

NEVER STOP LEARNING. In the same way that our firm is always working with clients to help them move forward and grow, Fearless In Training is equally committed to continuing to evolve as a firm. This means absorbing as much information as possible through research, continuing education, and ongoing training. We believe that as a firm we can only teach as much as we have learned, and that the unrelenting pursuit of knowledge is one of the most valuable endeavors that we can commit our time to.

EARN BIG TO GIVE BIG. This firm is only truly financially successful if it is focused on making an impact that extends beyond our own financial fulfillment. Because of this, Fearless In Training is deeply committed to giving back to organizations that make the world a better place. That is why we consistently donate 5% of profits to charitable organizations including the ACLU, She Should Run, Girls Who Code, and other non-profits that are committed towards equality & empowerment for all.


COLLABORATIVE COACHING. Anyone that aspires for greatness is going to get there faster if they have someone to help guide them. That is why we strive to incorporate consistent coaching as part of our client engagements. We believe that coaching is both a collaborative and an intuitive process, and we use coaching as a means to create deep relationships that foster accountability, inspiration, and action in our clients.

CONTINUING EDUCATION. True leaders are those those that acknowledge what they don’t know, and are always eager to learn more. In order to help propel our clients towards continued professional & personal growth, we aim to produce ongoing educational content based on the feedback of our clients and our community. We also make a point to offer a portion of this content for free to help educate and elevate future leaders regardless of their means.

FINANCIAL INTELLIGENCE. Many business owners are afraid to check how much money is in their bank account, and most of us wrap our fears and emotions around our finances. We are committed to creating tools & content that provide clients with a foundation of financial intelligence to help them make educated and empowered financial decisions. We work with clients to develop comprehensive budgeting, financial planning, and investment strategies to clearly define a path towards their financial goals.

TRANSFORMATIVE TECHNOLOGY. The companies that will continue to grow and thrive in the future will be those that take advantage of all the benefits that technology has to offer. However, we recognize that it is easy to get overwhelmed by the myriad of solutions in the market and the amount of energy it may take to understand and implement them. That is why our focus is on helping clients in the process of identifying the right tools to streamline their business processes and partnering with best in breed solutions to help clients get the support and training they need to truly transform with technology.

PEER MENTORSHIP. In the world of business, things are changing rapidly, particularly when it comes to technology and business development. Because of this, we believe that the long standing archetype of an ‘outside or senior mentor filled with sage wisdom' can lead to advice that is outdated and irrelevant. We believe is much more pertinent to develop a broad network of peers that can share knowledge and experiences with you, and we are focused on creating opportunities for clients to connect and collaborate with peers in their profession to develop relationships and benefit from their experience.