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Fearless In Training was founded in 2017 by Madeline Reeves. The firm is a female forward consulting company that works directly with entrepreneurial women, progressive accountants, and technology innovators to offer them help in starting, growing, and scaling successful enterprises. Built on a foundation of expertise in the realms of technology, marketing, education & business development, the firm offers collaborative & catered consulting services to help clients achieve their wildest business dreams.

About Fearless In Training


I have been constantly evolving during the course of my life. Throughout my story, I have faced my fair share of challenges of all imaginable shapes and sizes. In spite of them, I have been able to figure out ways to adapt and excel even in the face of adversity. Throughout all the twists and turns of my journey, I have always found myself coming back to three different passions that anchor me and give meaning to my life: technology, the accounting profession, and working with women.

As a mother and a former single parent, I know all too well the struggles of finding time to put yourself first and figuring out how to make your long term goals a reality. As an educator & coach to leading global accountants and advisors, I know what it takes to future proof a practice and set it apart from others in the space. As the director of a successful software company, I know first hand what it takes to build a profitable SaaS business from the ground up while still making time for yourself and your sanity.



Fearless In Training is the manifestation of my commitment to help women, accountants, and technology innovators develop the tools, confidence, and expertise needed to live truly empowered lives and deliver best in class services & solutions.  My intention in founding a female forward consulting company is primarily to help elevate women in the unequal playing fields that still exist in the realms of business, accounting, and technology. It is my truest belief that strong women have a positive and profound impact on the world around them. By working directly with women, as well as accountants & technologists, our firm can help shape future leaders & industries that are rooted in equality and empowerment for all.


Actively and unabashedly put the work of women first. I am a feminist and am not ashamed to declare it. I am firm believer that we as women have to lift each other up to even the playing field. I try my best to show this commitment in all the work I do.

Always give credit where credit is due. I do my best to cite my sources in bold, as abstract as they may be, because not every bit of knowledge I share is my own. I've had some incredible teachers  in my life, and try my best to still make time to read and develop a relevant array of resources for my clients. I want to pass anything I can on, and always give credit where I should. 

Acknowledge your privilege. I know that I have come from a starting point that inherently comes with certain privileges particularly with regards to race and education. I make a point to always be aware of the impact these elements and how they have shaped my success. I am focused towards living a life and creating coaching practices that are intentional, honest, and intersectional.

Physical fitness is more than just a fad. We live in an unparalleled time for fitness, especially the kind that promotes itself as a quick fix. I believe that true physical fitness and well being is truly about a person's complete lifestyle, and success is about developing integrated routines that you can make a part of your everyday life. I do not believe in magic pills or numbers on scales, and my focus is about creating combinations of fitness forms and techniques that can work for my clients long term. I also focus with my clients on diet, meditation, and other lifestyle practices that they can implement to establish and sustain balance within their bodies.

Listen first, talk second. This is the cornerstone that my client relationships are built on. Coaching is about you, not about me or my ego. If I know that if I'm not listening, I'm not equipped to be helping.

Never quit learning. In the same way that I am always working with clients to help them move forward, I am committed to continuing to evolve myself. This means absorbing as much information as possible through reading and ongoing training. I believe that the unrelenting pursuit of knowledge is one of the most valuable endeavors that I can commit my time to.

Earn big to give big. This firm is only truly financially abundant if it is deeply committed to giving back to organizations that make the world a better place. That is why we consistently donate 5% of profits to charitable organizations including the ACLU, She Should Run, Girls Who Code, and other non-profits that are committed towards equality & empowerment for all.


Financial intelligence as a foundation to success. Many women are afraid to check how much money is in their bank account, and most of us wrap our fears and emotions around our finances. I believe that financial intelligence is absolutely critical for living your most empowered life. I work with clients to develop comprehensive budgeting, financial planning, and investment strategies to clearly define a path towards financial freedom and success.

Peer to peer mentorship. For the longest time we have been fed the idea that we all need a mentor to look up to. The flaw in this conceptualization is that a mentor needs be someone at least a decade your senior who is going to pass down some sage wisdom. The world doesn't work this way anymore, particularly when it comes to business. Things are changing so rapidly, particularly with the rise of new technology, and the advice of a mentor that is senior to you is very likely to be outdated and irrelevant. It is much more pertinent to develop a broad network of peers that can share knowledge and experiences with you. I work side by side with clients to help them develop these kinds of networks.

Personal development and care as a priority. I am a strong advocate for self care, and focus on helping my clients put themselves first. Women often struggle with guilt when taking time for themselves. Working out, eating healthy, making time for unwinding, and continued study are all critical for personal growth and self discovery. My work aims to help clients that want to figure out how to make time and overcome doubts so that they can make these elements a priority in their everyday lives.

Physical fitness as a means to overall wellness. Working out is a primarily focus of the work I do with my clients. Simply put, the most successful people in the world are people who maintain a consistent physical practice as part of their everyday lives. You cannot do great work if you are feeling bad, whether if that has to do with your self image, your physical shape, or both. I work with clients to develop fitness routines that source components from weight training, HIIT, pilates, and yoga that are tailored to meet their needs, limitations, and goals. Having a regular physical practice has a profound impact on my clients health, mental clarity, and over all sense of well being.

You have to give something to get something. A quality coaching relationship is dynamic and ever evolving. I will never come to the table with a list of demands, I will bring a list of tools and resources and give you guidance to help along your journey. However, the aim of this is for you to GROW, and to get there I will require you giving me your attention, commitment, and hard work in return to reach the goals we set forth.