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App Insights: Group Demos

Review the latest technology with your peers in the profession

During the month of August, we are going to be exploring a series of industry-related applications as a community to better understand their functionality and the benefits they may be able to offer our practices. Each session will last 60 minutes, 30 minutes of which will be a dedicated demonstration with a representative of the app company, and 30 minutes for a group discussion which will take after the app representative is kindly escorted out of the meeting room.

In total, we will be reviewing 10 different apps, all of which were selected based off of the feedback of our community.

You may choose to register for individual sessions or for the full series. For sessions that you'd like to see but cannot attend due to calendar conflicts, we will be sending recordings of each session to all registrants.

App Line Up & Schedule

  • Relay Financial (August 21st @ 10 AM PST)

  • Helm (August 26th @ 10 AM PST)

  • Chata.ai (August 26th @ 11 AM PST)

  • Clearview Social (August 26th @ 1 PM PST)

  • Chargebee (August 26th @ 2 PM PST

  • Rewind (August 28th @ 9 AM PST)

  • Parabola (August 28th @ 10 AM PST)

  • Malartu (August 28th @ 11 AM PST)

  • Clockwork (August 30th @ 10 AM PST)

  • Divvy (August 30th @ 11 AM PST)

    *Even if you can’t make a session live, indicate your interest in the content when you register & we’ll send you a recording.