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Lift me up: finding power in strength

I work with people. I love what I do. In fact, my very intentional life decision to transition into the tech industry was all about wanting to move back to career where I could engage with people. For those who don't know my history, my career originally began in research. Bio-medical research with a background in Medical Anthropology to be specific. To get even further into the nitty gritty, I worked with cell cultures to study a protein component at one of Seattle's leading prostate cancer laboratories. The work was interesting, and even more so, it was challenging. But it lacked on key thing: people. Some people simply thrive off of human interaction. I happen to be one such person. I love getting to engage with and learn from new people every day. My work in the software industry allows me to do just that. I get to tackle problems, provide solutions, interact and learn from a plethora of unique and talented individuals day in and day out. It is an incredibly powerful and rewarding thing to be trusted by my clients and partners to help them with their businesses, and I feel incredibly blessed to work in the role that I do.

But working with people isn't always sunshine and rainbows. Even the most seasoned industry veterans I know have days where it can be overwhelming. People come with history, and emotions, and baggage, and they can be incredibly draining at times. So much so that I can even find myself missing my cell cultures, and the solitary silence of my former life with dark room and a microscope.

I wouldn't change it though. My work has propelled me to become my best self professionally, and I have developed and achieved things in business that I could not have even fathomed a few years ago. Still, we all need a way to cope. Mine is to lift heavy things. And lots of em.

I have always been an athlete. For the vast majority of my childhood I played very competitive soccer, and once I reached middle school I began dancing ballet and modern dance 6 days a week. After dancing through high school and college, I found a new love in the gym in the form of weight training.

For me, anything physical is the ultimate outlet. It is something that allows me to set aside any personal interactions or frustrations from my day, and let go of the stresses that I am holding in my body. Even more than the physical action of working out, I fall in love with the results that I achieve. I get to take any negativity and aggression from my day and use it as fuel to create something incredible within myself: Strength.

If you ask anyone who knows me to describe me in a single word, the will all pick the same one. Strong. It is a word that is very near and dear to me, and I wouldn't trade that description for anything. The reason it means so much to me is because strength is something that is earned. It is cultivated by constant work. Whether this is in the gym, in my work, or in my relationships, it is something I must practice each and every day. The other thing about strength is that it knows no bounds. The more you work, the stronger you will be. I am a huge believer in constant learning, and seeking out the challenges in life. To me, this means as I work each days towards my goals, I will only continue to grow in my strength.

More than anything though I equate strength with power. The power to achieve respect, success, and greatness in everything you set your mind to. The strength I achieve by my physical work directly translates to my own mental and emotional well-being and helps me cultivate the sense of power I need every day to go out and be my best to achieve incredible things in my life.

So why all this talk of weight lifting, and strength, and power? Because these are the things you can find me writing about here. I have been wanting for quite some time now to find an outlet that translates a bit more of my personal life pursuits into my life in industry and the influence it has had on my success. I am a huge believer and advocate in fitness and healthy living, and I want to use this blog as a platform to share some of my thoughts about them.

So stop by when you can. When you do, you'll find workout tips, software industry stories, healthy recipes, philosophizing about personal and financial fitness, ideas to benefit yourself as an individual and as a business owner, accounting industry insights, and much much more. I am excited for the opportunity to share, and hope that I can lend a hand every now and then to help you find your own success and strength.