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Day one: get after it!

These past few weeks have been such a whirlwind mentally, physically, and emotionally for me. I chose at the beginning of January to leave my role as a Strategic Accounts/Business Development Manager in the Accounting Channel at Avalara in order to join Intuit in their Strategic Accounts Team. Leaving Avalara was a difficult and personal decision, as I believe deeply in the quality of their products and the passion the company has for creating industry leading software solutions. However, Intuit offered me an incredible opportunity to propel my career to the next level, and it was simply a chance I could not pass up. I chose to take some personal time off between my move to Intuit, and it proved to be very valuable. The two weeks gave me time to truly reflect upon my past two years at Avalara, my successes and the valuable skill set I built during my time with the company. The more I spent thinking about work at Avalara, the more I realized how everything I have learned has prepared me to excel at my new role at Intuit. Reflecting on my growth over the past two years, also made me eager to take some time off and reconnect with the people in my personal life that believed in me along my professional journey. I spent a good portion of my time off getting grounded and spend time with my loved ones, and taking the opportunity to thank them for the love and support that has helped drive my success both in my career and beyond.

When I wasn't spending time flexing and reflecting mentally, I was taking time to physically gearing up for this year and my new role. In 2014, portions of my lifestyle, particularly my gym/workout routines, often fell by the wayside to work and travel. One of the things I admire most about Intuit, and made me want to join the company, is how much health and fitness is an integral part of their company culture. Prior to even getting an offer for a new role, I had made a personal commitment to myself to attack 2015 head on and use this year as an opportunity to get in the best shape of my life. I jump started this goal in December by finally getting signed up for a gym membership and getting back into my weight lifting and yoga routines.

With the two weeks I took off, I got in all the gym time I could. Sometimes I ended up there twice a day. On the days I wasn't in the gym, I was taking yoga classes, trail running, snowboarding, or using my TRX at home. The results of those two weeks have been incredible. I feel reconnected to my core, my personal source of power. I have more energy than I have had in months. Any emotional baggage or stresses that came up on a day to day basis I was able to work through and let go of as I left the gym.

The best result of all of this though was the way I felt today. Day One. I walked into the Intuit offices in Tucson feeling ready. Feeling strong. Feeling prepared. I often can be found preaching about goals, and how they can propel you towards success. Today, those thoughts could not have been more true. The goals I set for myself during my downtime focusing on grounding myself mentally, physically, and emotionally have prepared me to kick off my career at Intuit with bang.  Even though things I have just begun, I am incredible excited for this year and for what this company holds, and I am ready to get after it!