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Taking one with the team

Have you ever heard of LifeLine? No? I hadn’t either until a month ago, when my good friend and colleague, Kim Hogan, invited me to join her and a team of other social media savvy Intuit employees in San Diego – our mission was to help our TurboTax customers in the final countdown to the April 15th filing deadline. The event includes hundreds of employees from across all of our divisions with one common goal: helping our customers complete their taxes. When I said yes to joining the LifeLine Social Team, I had absolutely no idea what I had signed up for. I figured it would be a great opportunity to get further connected within the company and have my first ever Intuit cultural immersion experience. I had no clue that the three days prior to April 15th would be an incredibly exhausting and fulfilling whirlwind, survived mostly through caffeine, unrelenting team spirit, and the desire to deliver awesomeness for our TurboTax customers.

When my Uber driver pulled up to the San Diego Intuit Campus (aka TurboTax HQ), everything appeared to be business as usual. Little did I know that behind the doors to the cafeteria were hundreds of Intuit employees feverishly working to answer thousands of chat and AnswerXchange questions for our customers. I walked into a sea of Intuit blue, and quickly found my spot at the Social Team table. Within ten minutes my colleagues had me up and running on AnswerXchange, and I joined in the effort. It was only day one, but #TurboTaxLifeline was already in full swing, and we worked well into the afternoon, stopping only to grab another coffee, or snag a quick photo with one of the incredible VPs who were answering questions alongside us.

The next two days were equally caffeine-and-excitement-fueled and busy, filled with tax questions and scenarios I had never thought I would need to know the answers to. Luckily for us, LifeLine was supported by both our tax and technology experts, and there was always someone close by who could help when we Social folks got stumped. The best thing by far about the experience was getting to work alongside so many other talented and knowledgeable Intuit employees who were helpful and encouraging to those of us non-experts, and of course to our customers. And it wasn’t just the fact that the experts were #HereToHelp, it was the fact that regardless of what your normal role was at Intuit, whether you are a Business Development Manager, a Marketing Director, a VP, or even if you are the founder of the company, you showed up at LifeLine to help our customers when they needed us most.

I knew that Intuit was a great company before I came on-board with the Regional Business Development Team. It was one of the main motivators for joining them, because they truly care about their customers and employees. But LifeLine showed me just how deeply people at this company care about the people they work with and the customers they work for.

We talk a lot within the company about what it means to be a part of #IntuitLife. Intuit is a large company, with over 8000 employees throughout the globe. So the fact that one company can still keep its employees connected to each other and their culture is quite a feat. I think that the way Intuit continues to be able to do so is by continuing to center themselves around the company values, particularly when it comes to being passionate and delivering awesome for our customers.

As a remote employee I can sometimes feel a little distant from my own team, let alone the rest of the company. I know we all have the same missions and goals at the core of what we are doing, but I definitely don’t get the chance to build a sense of camaraderie that I would if I was in the office every day. That’s exactly why I will always jump at a chance to participate in LifeLine or any other events that allow me to roll up my sleeves and work alongside folks from throughout the company. I like to think I am living and breathing it in every bit of work that I do, but I always love the chance to grow and be reminded that we are #OneIntuit.