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Working with Wonder Women

It is no secret that I love what I do. My work is challenging, fun, ever-changing, and full of new people and experiences. Interacting with people is by far my favorite part of what I do, and more specifically there is one type of person that I absolutely love working with and I find myself constantly surrounded by as part of my role at Intuit: Powerful Kick-Ass Women.

The rumors you have read are true, there aren't enough women in tech. In fact, I have visited and worked for tech companies where more often than not I was the only woman in the room, even when the room contained more than a dozen people. It's a real challenge, and there are still many strides to be made related to women into tech, and for gender equality in the work place as a whole. However, more and more tech companies are trying to face the issue head on. One company that is doing this particularly well is Intuit.

I could wax on about how awesome the company policy's and initiatives are (starting July 1st we are offering 8 weeks paid maternal AND paternal leave for new parents!), but it's beyond the company, it's about the people I get to work with. I have yet to be in a single company meeting that wasn't at least 50% female, and from VPs on down, all across company segmentation, women are visible and present in Intuit's leadership and strategy as a company.

You know what the best part about it is though? The women they hire are kick-ass. They are hardworkingtalentedcreativethoughtful, and driven. They make incredible colleagues, powerful role models, and one of a kind friends. It is truly an inspiring group to be a part of.

However, Wonder Women aren't just Intuit's internal agenda. My work in the accounting space means that I am constantly connecting and engaging with incredibly powerful women throughout the industry. From kick-ass business women and ProAdvisors like Dawn BrolinJan Haugo, and Kaydee Peterson to industry innovators and thought leaders like Victoria CameronStacy Kildal and Laura Redmond, to kick-ass and knowledgable app partners like Kelly Bistriceanu or Jules Carman, to the talented female accountants and bookkeepers I partner with, I am constantly working with and alongside talented women who inspire me every step of the way.

Do you know what best thing is about all of the Wonder Women I work with? They are all real people. They are mothers, daughters, business owners, wives, friends, professionals, and overall wonderful human beings. I consider myself incredibly lucky to be surrounded by such exceptionally kind, humble, and hard working women every day. As my friends and colleagues they have encourage me to set my personal bar high. In turn, they are inspiring me, and anyone else that looks up to women in technology to aim higher, and achieve great things with talent, hard work, and grace.