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Being your own catalyst

No one forces you out of bed in the morning these days. As adults, we are blessed and cursed with the fact that we get to choose to wake up every morning and be present and participate (or not) in our own lives. Sometimes this feels like a burden, and we can barely stand the thought of leaving the safety and comfort of our covers. Other days though, we might just wake up and see that the whole world is out there waiting for us, and all we have to choose to do is get up and get after it.

What is the tipping point though? What makes all the difference when it comes to seeing our days as a burden or a blessing? The answer is very simple, but it is also all too easy to forget and have it fall by the wayside. It is choice.

I was having a shitty week last week. Everywhere I went I was frustrated by work, by the people around me, by interactions with friends and family. My original plans for the week, along with other plans for the month had shifted dramatically, and I was feeling annoyed and put out by the shift in plans. The negativity had begun to permeate my world, and subsequently everything else seemed to attract and increase in negativity by tenfold.

I was on an airplane typing the upteenth pessimistic test to my beloved, when I caught myself. That is the thing about being with the right person, they often can serve as a mirror whenever you need to look at yourself most. I realized I didn't want to spew that negativity on the people I love, and that I didn't want to harbor it in myself anymore either. It certainly hadn't made for a good morning being herded like cattle through security, and seething annoyance at the Delta Airlines counter. So I chose to set it aside. I chose to pick up positivity instead. I knew I had a huge week ahead of me, and that I was only making my week harder with that perception. Why not see the good in things and see where that leads me?

And you know what happened the second I set it aside? I stewardess walked over to inform me that actually, the seat that I was sitting in thinking the airlines had double booked and I was going to have to fist fight some guy for, had actually belonged to him. Because I had been upgraded to first class. And the second I sat down, I fell into the deep nap my body so desperately needed, now that my whirring mind could shut up on it's non-stop play by play of all things negative. And my flight got in early. And the list goes on.

The biggest thing was that I was able to choose all of that, and it is that beautiful, simple, powerful thing, that ability to choose, that allows for us to be the catalyst in our own lives. The catalyst in our successes or our failures. Our sense of self worth or self loathing. Our greatest happiness or deepest sorrows. We always get the chance to choose, and that in itself is a wonderful gift.

Now to be clear, sometimes our options to choose from are quite limited. And to be honest, sometimes they downright suck. But we still get to pick which way we go, which chances we take. And at the end of it all, that is all we are left with: ourselves & our choices.

The beauty in this is we get to choose when and how to propel ourselves forward. When to go another way when the path we are on isn't working. We get to choose to pursue the things that bring us joy, and with that choice we get to create lives that we want to wake up every single day and chase after.