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Seeing your own success

What would you do if you knew you could not fail? What unfulfilled dreams would you pursue? What ever present obstacles would you tackle? What stressors would you be able to set aside in order to succeed at things that bring you a sense of purpose? Fear of failure is one of the largest things that holds people back in life. All of us have faced it at one time or another. For me personally, it is something that I have struggled with for a great deal of my life.

And sometimes that fear was an incredible motivator. It kept me going during my hardest times in college, completing my bachelors degree while also raising my 18 month year old son. At other times that same fear held me captive. Like when it bound me to a marriage that never would have resulted in my own happiness or benefited my well being.

I have been thinking a lot about choice lately, and more specifically, the choices I have made personally to elevate my own success. That may seem a little self involved, but truly I am thinking about these things because I want to pass them on. I want to help other people find their own happiness. I want to help others succeed, and if even only one little tiny bit of success or motivation or joy can be passed on from my own learning onto someone else...that in itself would be the sweetest gift.

I am not one for sob stories. There are so many of them these days, and my past life is hardly different than so many others out there, so I tend not to talk about it a lot, and try to dwell on it even less. The main thing I try to focus on is how my past was an incredible motivator to my present life, and the future success I envision for myself, my son, and my family.

When I began to build my career in technology, I tried my best to keep an eye out for stories of success, for what truly worked. I have admired a lot of entrepreneurs over the past few years, and in that time, there was one quality that stuck out about all of them. They were able to envision their own success long before it arrived.

It was about two years ago when I first began to notice this, and around that same time, I began to attempt this strategy in my own life. To not just see my own goals, but also see my success, and viscerally know what it looked like long before it arrived. It started with small things. A bigger house where I could have an office and work from home. A better role that utilized more of my talents. And then I started to think bigger. A partner that I could share my life with. A company that would grow my success within my industry. A career that would help me gain the skill-set needed to build my own business one day.

And you know what happened the second I started to see it? The pieces began to fall into place. Don't get me wrong, I had put the work in. But more than the work, I had put a solid vision into place of what success looked like for me, and from there it started to appear. Even the things I didn't even have the means to begin to tackle, they arrived. Sometimes due to the contributions of others who were compelled by my vision, and other times due to my own sheer determination.

We all only have so much time in our days. Time to celebrate, time to cherish, time to rejoice. Yet too many of us spend our time focusing on what could have been, rather than what could be. Take time each day to strategize and visualize your own success. When you can see it clearly, others will as well, and you will be amazed at how quickly it will arise.

Don't spend your time focusing on your weaknesses. If we didn't have to earn our strengths, there would be so little for them to teach us.