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Guidance & Grounding

Where do you go when need advice? Who do you look to in your life for guidance? What do you do when you don't know which way to go? These are the three questions that have been floating around inside my head for the past week. And with good reason. If I didn't possess some semblance of an answer to them, this past week would have been entirely more stressful and on edge. Notice I said more? The last seven days were hardly a walk in the park. Between upcoming events and deadlines, changes in plans, and a ceaseless workload (yes, I spent my Saturday night working on marketing content), this week had me looking around for any kind of guidance and release.

The good new is I am lucky and intentional enough at this point in my existence to have created a life that is deeply grounded. The foundation of my life that makes it so grounded comes from three very crucial factors: friends, family, and fitness. These things are where I find my solace, my insights, my freedom. They are where I grow in wisdom, cast aside doubts, and can cultivate best versions of myself.  These are so much more than three foundational things - they are everything that matters most to me.

That is why they are at the very core of who I am. Even more so though, they are what keeps me going and provides me guidance when I need it most. Friends, family, and fitness are what feeds my personal fire to conquer my goals in the world, and they are also the haven I can return to when things get tough or don't work out as planned.

When it comes to friends, mine are a tremendous and powerful force when it comes to keeping my sanity and my perspective. My friend are an extraordinarily diverse group of people, and they do a great job of seeing and respecting where I am at, which in turn helps me to see myself that much clearer. I revel and celebrate the fact that nearly all of my friends have very different careers than me, because they give me a great outlet to bounce ideas off, and provide insights that open me up to new ideas when it comes to my work. This can also make it that much easier for me to let go my own work when I am with them, because they may have no idea what I'm even talking about. In addition to my everyday friends, I am lucky enough to have a partner that I consider to be my very best friend, and he is a huge grounding force and sounding board that constantly offers up new insights and perspective when it comes to my career.

When it comes to family, mine is incredibly good at reminding me to stay true to myself and my goals. My family has known me my whole life. They know the values I hold dear, and they hold me accountable to them. They also always have my back, and it is largely due to their ongoing support that I have been able to build the career that I now have. More than anything though, my family truly wants me to be happy. It may have taken them longer at times, but they consistently celebrate my success and provide me with continued guidance to help me orient myself towards my future goals.

When it comes to fitness, this is where I am able to dig deepest and find my greatest source of strength. I end almost all of my work days at the gym, and I do it with a very intentional purpose. Fitness has always given my an unparalleled outlet to shed nonsense & doubt. After many a hard day, I have been known to leave a whole lot of bullshit behind on the weight-room floor or out on the trail. Fitness is where I gain clarity, and every day that I commit myself to it is rewarding. By constantly working to push and better myself in my training, I am able to see how much more I can push myself towards growth in other areas of my life.

If there is one thing I know to be true, it is that there are a lot of unknowns in life, and sometimes things can feel particularly unclear. Often times, I find this lack of clarity comes with change, and the uncertainty or excitement that can come with it. For me, it is at these times when I lean on my friends, family, and fitness most. I have found that by establishing my life around these guiding factors, I can manage to keep my perspective and my feet on the ground, even if I my head may be way up in the clouds.