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Hitting the health reset

It is no secret that I love physical fitness. I love what working out and being active does for me mentally, physically, and emotionally. I'm always eager to try out new ways to stay in shape and keep my body moving, especially since my work these days often has me sitting behind a desk. January of last year, I decided to kick it up a notch. Following the birth of my son in 2011 I had tried on various workout attempts to get back in shape, but nothing seemed to stick. By December of 2014 it felt like I had everything from pilates to yoga to running to spinning to TRX to weight training...the list goes on. I wasn't in terrible shape, but I wasn't feeling great about myself either. I just felt weak and tired, which in the end made it even easier to put going to the gym on the back burner, because it felt like I had no energy to even begin working out.

But last year something changed after the holidays. I realized it was over four years since I had first learned I was pregnant with my son, and over four years since I had felt like myself. It had been over four years since I had last been comfortable in my body. I decided it was time to fully commit myself to doing something different.

When I learned that I would be starting a new job on February 1st, I decided then and there to take the last three weeks of January off, and used up all my remaining PTO from the company I was with. I had been reading more and more inspirational posts about fitness online and on Instagram, and I knew it took 21 days to make a change. I didn't want a quick fix, I wanted fitness to be more than a habit, I wanted it to be my life.

Over the next three weeks, I worked out once and sometimes twice a day. I researched, watched videos, tried new workouts, and learned to meal prep. At first it was really hard. I had last weight trained in my early college years, and returning to it left me feeling stiff and sore and weak. However, with my son in full time daycare, I was finally able to make the time. Each day I got stronger and more determined. And each day I began to feel more and more like myself. Not necessarily my old self, but a new version that was wiser, willing to work harder, and had the potential to be much stronger than I've ever been.


As January began to wind down, I realized a change had happened. I was looking forward to each and every workout, and the challenges that came with them. Picking up my son felt easier, and I had more energy then I had in years. I was more focused at work, and found myself being more patient at home. For the first time in a long time, it felt like good things were falling into place.

I decided to make 2015 the year that I was going to get FIT. I had one singular goal: to get in the best shape of my life. To me that meant becoming stronger than ever before. And that's when I decided to start this blog. Because being FIT means so much more than being in shape or being a certain weight. To me, being FIT, means to push yourself, and to be relentless and fearless in that pursuit. But that isn't something that just happens over night. That tenacity is something you need to work for. To train for. So I decided to be Fearless In Training.


A year has passed since that pursuit began. 2015 seemed to pass in the blink of an eye, but each time I stepped into the gym, I recommitted to the goals I set out towards. I'm not saying that it was easy, in fact there were weeks and even months (*cough* November *cough*), where the goal had to fall a bit by the wayside in order to deal with other more important life circumstances, like say, getting a new job.

As December began winding down, I started to think about all the progress I have made over the past year. I do feel like I accomplished my goal and was able to get in the best shape I've been in so far in my life. But those physical results were truly a fragment of the mental and emotional stability I achieved this year by committing to make fitness a part of my everyday life. As I was reflecting, I realized that I wanted to share that larger progress with others, in hopes they might be inspired to reach their own goals through fitness.

That is what has inspired the writing I plan to do here in 2016 and beyond. Don't worry, it won't be all meal-prepping and workout plans. I've got a lot more in store. In the coming week I am going to launching a new monthly series about trying out new ways to get fit, and I am also going to start reviewing some of my favorite brands and tools that have played a part in keeping me active in my incredibly busy everyday life. That's just a few bits of what I hope to share here over the next 12 months.

I'm excited for all that this year has in store, and I hope you'll join me for the ride.

Here's to being fearless in 2016!