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Workout of the Week: Back & Shoulders


Several friends and family members have recently asked for me to write up workouts for them based off of my current training regime. I decided to post them here on my blog so other people could find them and maybe even get inspired to try something new of their own. This week I am going to be sharing my Back & Shoulders workout. I do this workout once a week, and change it up ever so slightly by adding and removing exercises or changing the order based on my mood and energy levels. As a petite female, I absolutely love growing my shoulders and upper back. If you are looking to have a smaller waist, here's a little secret: work on training to build broader shoulders, back muscles, and bigger glutes. Trust me, you'll like the definition and proportions. The foundational exercises I use to grow my shoulders and upper back are as follows:

*Please note I am not sharing the weight I use for these exercises on purpose. You need to select a weight that is right for your body and your goals. Right now I am focusing on maintaining lean muscle mass and lifting lighter weights due to the fact that I am currently healing from stress on my back and joints from over lifting. Because of this, I am lifting with reverse pyramid sets of either 10/12/15 reps or 6/8/10 depending on the weight I'm using and exercise I'm doing. Along with weights, the number of reps you do are up to you and the training goals you are aiming for (to develop muscle or lose weight you need to train in two different ways, read more here). Each round consists of doing a set of multiple exercises. I do each exercise once and then repeat each set three times, changing my reps with each set. I've also linked each exercises to a video or explanation so you can get a hang of them. With all that being said, here are the super sets that I completed during this morning's workout:

Round 1 (Warm up round)

Lateral shoulder raises x 10/12/15 reps

Front arm raises x 10/12/15 reps

Shoulder bombs x 10/12/15 reps

Repeat for 3 sets

Round 2

Single weight two handed back row x 10/12/15 reps

Seated plate press x 10/12/15 reps

Standing rows x 10/12/15 reps

Drivers x 10/12/15 reps

Repeat for 3 sets

Round 3

Seated lat row x 10/8/6 reps

Aronld presses x 10/8/6 reps

Repeat for 3 sets

Round 4

Bent over barbell row x 15/12/10 reps

Standing barbell behind the head press x 10/8/6 reps

Long bar row x 15/12/10 reps

Repeat for 3 sets

Round 5

Kneeling bar press x 15/12/10 reps

Split cable laydown delts x 15/12/10 reps

Double handle cable shoulder raises x 15/12/10 reps

Repeat for 3 sets



Happy lifting!