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Going My Own Way

When I first began my career in technology, I saw it as a means to an end. I was fresh out of college with an almost two-year-old that needed me to provide for him. I landed my first tech job as a way to pay the bills with no clear intentions or way of knowing what it would become.

Over the years, as my skills and curiosity expanded, I started to take on new roles and projects. Each new company brought with it new opportunities for growth and discovery. With each step forward I learned a little more and built upon my prior experiences, eager to absorb and make the most of it all.

Over time, I came to understand that business develop is about building relationships & finding common ground for companies to win together. I learned how marketing was really about bringing to light the stories behind brands to highlight their humanity and create connections. I studied the world of sales and decided to build a team that was focused on teaching people about technology, rather than about making the most money. In doing so, I learned to trust my instincts as a leader and watched that same team double in size and revenue for three years in a row.


Those last three years were of course during my time at Fathom. What had started as me being the only employee working in the United States for a small and barely known company, grew to become a robust, highly competent team that was incredibly capable of nurturing and expanding a rapidly growing customer base. As my third year with the company came and went, it became clear to me that I had achieved what I had set out to do: build a team and a strong market present in the US.

It was at this point that a little voice started to speak up in the back of my brain. Where do you go from here? The voice in my head kept asking. What do you want to create next?

It wasn’t an easy question to answer, so I started with the basics and built from there. I started with what I love – what makes me happiest on any given day. I reflected on the work that I have done that has made me feel most alive, and thought about the things that I have created that other people have truly valued.

The answer turned out to be pretty simple: I love helping people build better businesses.

Starting with my very first job in inside sales, I’ve always felt a calling to go above and beyond to help people solve problems and learn about technology. With each new company I’ve been a part of, I have been presented with a new opportunities to share this passion. In 2017, it grew to the point where I started leading monthly webinars so that I could pass on what I’ve learned to as many people as possible. This webinar series, and all its participants, led to both a career highlight and a turning point for me: it led me to discover my calling to work with and educate business owners at an even deeper level. It is a calling that was reaffirmed by participants who wrote to me to let me know the impact that my content had on their businesses and their lives.

Reading these messages changed something in me. I could truly point to my work and see the positive impact it had on others. Over time I began to wonder: What could it look like to have this feeling about my work every single day? This was the question that shifted me from posturing about the career highlights of my past to thinking about building something to continue cultivating this feeling in the future. This question started a spark in me that I still can’t quite explain – a spark that ultimately lead me to decide to start my own company, Fearless In Training.

Fearless In Training is a consulting company that focuses on working with female founders, progressive accountants, and technology innovators to help them start, grow, and scale their businesses. Blending together my passion and experience in the realms of marketing, business development, sales, technology, and branding, Fearless In Training specializes in offering curated client coaching and ongoing educational resources. As a business, Fearless In Training enables me to work with companies at a much deeper level: it creates a place for me to empower others to build better businesses through leveraging top notch technology and implementing creative marketing, sales, and branding strategies. It also serves as an ideal framework for me to continue to launch innovative content and programs, including:

Firm Forum

Firm Forum is an exclusive peer group for the accounting industry’s most progressive professionals who are looking to propel themselves forward through regular coaching and community mentorship. Created in response to frequent industry requests, Firm Forum provides opportunities for members to participate in monthly goal setting and accountability conversations as well as quarterly peer to peer discussions. Since the future of the accounting profession will be led forward by firms that are eager to create and collaborate with others, I have created Firm Forum as an outlet for these types of conversations and transformations to unfold. If you’re interested in learning more about Firm Forum, you can use this link to fill out an application to become a participant.

Ongoing Monthly Webinars

During my time at Fathom, I had the opportunity to create a plethora of content to help educate & elevate firms in the accounting space. With Fearless In Training, I am excited to continue that content creation with a broadened scope to benefit businesses from a wider array of industries. Throughout the year, I will offer regularly scheduled webinars that will shift between core topics of marketing, branding, and sales. The content will be free for registrants, and will eventually become a library of continuing education materials to be able to reference and share on an ongoing basis. I am excited to announce that this monthly webinar series will kick off on January 31st with a session on Brand Building Basics. You can visit this page for more information & registration.

Finding Fearless Podcast

I initially launched the Finding Fearless podcast last year as sort of a side project to create an outlet for some of my previously unshared ideas, and more importantly to serve as a platform to elevate the stories of the women that I encounter and am inspired by every single day in the working world. Over the past year, I am happy to have seen this side project grow into a place for empowerment and connection for women from all around the globe. I am passionate about working with and promoting the work of female founders, and the podcast is the perfect way for me to continue to uplift and share these stories. In my work with Fearless In Training, I will be producing the podcast on a more regular basis and share its content more broadly so that it can continue to grow. If you are interested in listening to the podcast, you can hear it here, or subscribe to it on iTunes or Google Play. If you know someone whose story should be shared in an upcoming episode or would be interested in sponsoring the podcast, click here to get in touch.

Deciding to embark fully on this journey was not a decision I took lightly. I am a planner at my very core, and making this leap of faith could not have happened without the encouragement of my friends, family, and the team at Fathom. This transition has been in the works for a few months now, and it could not have happened without the full support of these folks; I could not be more grateful. In particular, it has been Fathom’s willingness to let me to grow and flourish in my work, both inside and outside of the company, that has helped set me up to make such a seamless shift into this next chapter in my career.

For those of you that are not yet connected to Fathom, let me just tell you this: I have never before worked for a company with so many passionate people and so much market potential. From the founders down to the customer success team, Fathom is filled with individuals that are wildly talented at what they do, and eager to enable customers with best of breed technology. It was an incredible gift to be able to learn and grow inside of a company that was loved and valued by its customers, and is truly helping business owners make better decisions every day.

To say that I am proud of the company’s growth, the team we built, or the innovations we brought to the market in the past three years is more than an understatement. It was an honor to be a part of Fathom’s story during such a formative time in my career, and it showed me what it takes to build a truly great company. As I embark on this new chapter in my career, I wish the Fathom team nothing but continued growth and success.

Reading all of that may make some folks wonder why I have left a company I admire so much to go my own way. It’s hard to summarize simply, but it has to do with some of of the most important lessons I’ve learned along the way:

Being a part of a Fathom taught me that we are all full of great ideas and great intentions. And also taught me that it is what we do with them that matters most. Some of our ideas may not turn into anything meaningful and others will end up being so grand that they grasp ahold of us and don’t let go. They will keep us up at night and keep us wondering about what could or should be. For me, the idea that continued to reappear was that I could build a company that took the knowledge I’ve gained throughout my career to help businesses at a much deeper level.

As soon as this idea took started to form within me, I realized it wasn’t simply going to go away. Being a part of a startup served as a powerful catalyst to bring my individual entrepreneurial aspirations to the surface. What I found was that there was something about being a part of a great company that made me want to go out and build something greater on my own. That is why I decided to stop wondering, and go my own way to pursue that same thing every entrepreneur is chasing: an idea that won’t let go until you take action to make it a reality.

Madeline Reeves