Fearless In Training

Female Founders

Fearless In Training is a bespoke consulting company that works with 1:1 with inspired women looking to establish, grow, and scale businesses of their own. The firm offers a variety of core services that are specifically catered to each client based off of the stage and goals of their unique enterprise. 




Fearless In Training is a consulting company that focuses on working with entrepreneurial women to help them build, grow, and scale their own successful businesses. We believe that by empowering women to create prosperous enterprises, we can truly create a world where women can write their own stories and succeed at their greatest goals & wildest ambitions. Whether your goals are around finances, family, freedom, or something else entirely, our focus is to work with you to make those dreams a reality. As a firm we offer a variety of core services that are specifically catered to each client based off of the stage and goals of their unique enterprise. Examples of the services that the firm offers include: 

· Overarching business development ·

· Software consulting ·

· Social & marketing strategizing ·

· Sales & pricing development ·

· Goal setting & long term business planning·

· Financial planning & analysis ·

· Website creation ·

· Creative branding ·


Start a side hustle

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You’re ready to make a big change, and chances are you already have an idea of what you want to do next. However, you’re not quite sure how to make the next big leap in your career. You’re at a major point of influx, and now is the time to create your vision for your future. Let’s work together to begin bringing your big ideas to life.

Build your business

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You’ve already got a business under way, but you need tools and fine tuning. You have a clear vision but are unsure of the steps your need to take to make your company a success. Your focus is on processes, and how you can fully establish your online presence. Let’s work together to put the pieces into place to make your brand shine.

Full on boss life

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You have an established enterprise and maybe even a team that works alongside you. Your goals are all about being able to grow and scale your business well into the future. Now that your business is on its way, the next step is to create your strategy for the long term. Let’s work together to take your people and profits to the next level.

What Clients Are Saying

Madeline is a consultant for the global business era, with a CEO brain and whip smart strategies - she maximizes every investment I make. This always keeps me returning and wondering how else she might be able to consult and take over the tasks that I am not as proficient at. I consider her a go-to resource for my business.

- Jenna McDonald, Devoted Yogi

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