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a collaborative community for women in accounting

The accounting profession is over 61% female. Yet everywhere we look, men are on the mainstage. It’s time for us to start doing something to shift that dynamic & get comfortable with getting our voices out there. Rather than waiting for someone else to pass us the mic, we’re building our own megaphone so than every women can have an equal opportunity to be seen and heard in the world of accounting.

Female Firm Forum was created by and for female firm owners to have a place to connect, conspire, and collaborate with other women in the accounting profession. The forum is designed as a formal place for us to connect twice a month to talk about the things that impact our growth & development as business owners. From how to create pricing that reflects our true value to cultivating confidence in our entrepreneurial abilities, our mission is to debunk the mainstream myths and mindset issues that can hold us back from our own success. Our mission is to help each other grow both personally and professionally, and to constantly create spaces to elevate and celebrate women in the accounting profession.



What is Female Firm Forum about?

You are getting access to exclusive conversations that take place twice a month and are facilitated by industry leaders and designed specially for female firm founders. You will also get access to a community Slack channel for ongoing collaboration with the Female Firm Forum community. While each firm’s goals for joining the group may be different, every woman is getting access to an incredible community of women that are invested in helping each other grow & are eager to create opportunities for all of us to shine.

Tangible benefits

Female Firm Forum has the potential to completely change your practice.

What you get out of the Forum up to you but the main benefits are:

  • Conversations 2x month with like-minded female firm owners

  • A place to share your ideas & get expertise from others

  • A network of women that are committed to elevating each other

  • A community to give feedback on & amplify your content

  • Opportunities to discuss the latest in firm facing technology

  • Exclusive access to the Female Firm Forum Slack channel

  • Peer to peer mentorship & coaching opportunities

  • Mapping & improving processes with other growing firms

  • A support system of fellow female firm founders

  • Partnership & referral opportunities


Madeline Pratt

Madeline has built her career at the unique intersection between technology, accounting, and channel development. As a business development leader, she has worked with thousands of accounting firms from around the globe to help them streamline internal processes, implement new technology, enhance their marketing and branding, and develop stand out advisory services. As Madeline expanded her network in the accounting space, she couldn’t help but notice how women were constantly missing from thought leadership & main stage conversations. Determined to shift this dynamic, Madeline connected with female firm owners and collaborated on the idea of creating a community specifically to amplify the voices & confidence of women in accounting. Always one to turn ideas into action, Madeline hit the ground running and founded the Female Firm Forum.


Female Firm Forum membership gives you access to a high touch & curated community built specifically for women that are growing & scaling their accounting practices. Members of this group see themselves as more than a traditional accounting professional, these women are entrepreneurs in the business of accounting.

Membership gets you access to:

An unparalleled network of industry peers, invaluable insights from women that have walked this path before, early access to firm oriented content & resources, hands on advice & encouragement, inspiration & accountability, a peer slack channel, and so much more.

To become a member:

You need to either be referred directly by an existing female forum member or apply using the link below.

Who is eligible:

Female Firm Forum is a unique community of female firm founders that are deeply committed to creating positive change for women in the accounting profession. All firm participants are dedicated to breaking down barriers, collaborating without competition, elevating each others ideas, and celebrating the voices and successes of women in accounting.

Sound like something you want to be a part of? Then use the button below to apply for Female Firm Forum.


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