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In every profession there are leaders and there are followers.

But where do the leaders go when they are looking to up their game? They should go to other leaders. Problem is, those other leaders may be equally busy and bogged down, and when conversations with professional peers do happen they to lack structure & accountability. What leaders need is a forum to catalyze these types of conversations, and a seasoned facilitator to help keep things innovative & actionable.

Firm Forum is designed to be the a place for leading firms in the accounting industry to encourage, grow, collaborate, compare notes, and push each other towards fully embodying their full potential. Through regular monthly meetings, members gain a critical insight from their peers and compare key performance indicators to understand where they are falling short. These meetings are paired with 1:1 coaching conversations designed to help firms strategize at the individual level and create clear & actionable goals around their growth, business development, marketing, hiring, and more.

Firm Forum is designed for firms, and it is also refined by them. Members collaborate on Slack and also get to offer input on the practice areas they want to perfect & bring forward for group discussion. Firms also participate in continuing education around technology, and have the opportunity to get beta access & provide critical feedback to key technology players in the accounting space.


What are you investing in?

You are getting access to an exclusive monthly conversation that is facilitated by an industry leader and designed specifically for some of the most innovative firms in the world. You will also get access to a monthly 1:1 coaching call to discuss & be held accountable to your firm’s individual goals and action items. While each firms goals & outcomes may be different, the motivation & insights from the forum are designed to propel every participating practice forward at an accelerated pace.

Tangible benefits

Firm Forum has the potential to completely change your practice.

What you get out of Firm Forum up to you but the main benefits are:

  • Monthly conversations with like minded & leading firm owners

  • A sounding board with expertise to tackle industry hurdles

  • Networking with fellow growth oriented leaders

  • A support system of like minded firm founders

  • Opportunities to give feedback to key technology vendors

  • Exclusive access to the Firm Forum Slack channel

  • 1:1 accountability & goal setting conversations

  • Mapping & improving processes with other leading firms

  • Exposure to the latest in firm facing technology

  • Partnership & referral opportunities


Madeline Pratt

Madeline has built her career at the unique intersection between technology accounting, and channel development. As a business development leader, she has worked with thousands of accounting firms from around the globe to help them streamline internal processes, implement new technology, and develop stand out advisory services. As Madeline expanded her network in the accounting space, she was continuously crossing paths with leading firms that were looking for a way to interface with other owners that were operating at their same level. Upon realizing how many firms were searching for an opportunity to connect & collaborate with their most progressive peers, she founded Firm Forum as a place for firms to accelerate their growth and drive change within the accounting profession.


Firm Forum membership gets you access to a high touch & curated community built specifically for firm founders.

Through membership you get access to:

An unparalleled network of industry peers, invaluable insights from some of the most progressive firms in the profession, early access to firm oriented contented & resources, hands on advice & encouragement, inspiration & accountability, and so much more.

To become a member:

You need to either be referred directly by an existing forum member or apply and be approved by the Forum facilitator. The first community meeting is provided free for all new members to make sure the group & their goals are well aligned, after which ongoing membership is secured by signing the membership agreement, contributing membership dues & adhering to all Forum policies.

Who is eligible:

Firm Forum is a unique community of firm founders that are deeply committed to driving change & innovation within the accounting profession. All firm participants are dedicated to leveraging leading technology, driving consistent & strategic growth within their practice, open to sharing their internal growth metrics, and delivering top notch advisory services to their clients.

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