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In addition to working directly with clients, Fearless In Training strives to create continuing education materials that are actionable & accessible to business owners of all sizes. You can read more about individual courses & purchase them for direct download by clicking on any of the course icons below.

Brand Building Basics

Brand Building Basics


Have you ever wondered what makes great brands stand out?

Maybe you have your own business but you’re missing the mark when it comes to connecting with customers that understand your value and vision. Or perhaps you’re considering building a company of your own but are unsure of how to stand out in a crowded space. No matter what type of brand you’re looking to build or re-build, this session is packed with creative ideas to help you in brainstorming, planning, and executing a brand vision that represents who you are and get your business the recognition it deserves.

In this training session, we explore what it takes to build a brand that truly stands out and elevates your values to connect you with the right customers to help your business grow. The content is broken down into 5 core sections and includes topics such as how to build a brand brief, what it takes to identify ideal customers, looking at your core values to understand what connects you to your target audience, and the key differences that separate true brands from other basic businesses.

In addition to the 75-minute training, you will also receive a 32-page workbook designed to help you build a cohesive & compelling brand identity.

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