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In addition to working directly with clients, Fearless In Training strives to create continuing education materials that are actionable & accessible to business owners of all sizes. You can read more about individual courses & purchase them for direct download by clicking on any of the course icons below.

Business Building 101

Business Building 101


As an entrepreneur, you are passionate about creating the company you’ve always dreamed of, but you keep missing the mark. The clients you are attracting keep questioning the value of your offering. The services you’re selling don’t ever seem to align with what your customers are seeking. You get comfortable selling & presenting the brand that you’ve created inside your head but you don’t know how to bring it to life and connect it to the audience you’re after. It’s time to stop doing and start learning the proven strategies and actions you can take to create a branding, marketing, and sales experience that sets your company apart & connects you to your ideal clients.

Business Building 101 was designed to offer key foundational insights & actional resources for digital content creators & service based businesses. The course is a culmination of over a decade’s worth of experience building brands, creating cutting edge campaigns, and leveraging leading sales strategies for some of the fastest growing technology startups in the world. Broken down into 3 core modules, the course delivers everything an entrepreneur needs to refine their brand strategy, develop their content marketing plan, attract ideal customers, and seamlessly sell to clients.

This comprehensive course includes 3 separate course modules each including an hour or more of self-paced video learning content. Part 1 is a in-depth look at the core concepts & questions that you must answer and understand when it comes to building a stand out brand. Part 2 is all about marketing, and specifically, about identifying the stories you should tell and platforms you should be posting on to connect with your ideal audience. Part 3 is a deep dive into sales strategy, and in particular, it is designed to help you build your customized pipeline process and the mindset necessary to make sales for comfortable, scalable, and enjoyable for you and your clients.

In addition to the video content, each separate section has its own action-oriented workbook & bonus takeaway materials including sample email templates, a pipeline model, qualifying questions, a complete marketing content calendar, and much more. In total the course comes with over 4 hours of training modules and over 50 pages of actionable takeaway items.

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