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In addition to working directly with clients, Fearless In Training strives to create continuing education materials that are actionable & accessible to business owners of all sizes. You can read more about individual courses & purchase them for direct download by clicking on any of the course icons below.

Marketing That Matters

Marketing That Matters


Are you creating marketing simply because you’re “supposed” to?

Creating content for the sake of creating content is a huge energy suck. You can often end up spending hours on writing articles or creating the perfect social media posts, only for it to be seen by a handful of unqualified people. How can you make a shift to let your marketing speak for itself, and use it to attract the type of clients you want to your business?

In this training session, we tackle this question head-on and share with you tips & tools to help you develop a marketing method that actually works. Not only will your marketing stand out to your target audience, but it will also actually be something that truly represents your business. The content is broken down into 5 core sections and will include topics such as how to develop a marketing plan, figuring out what topics really resonate with your audience and ways to streamline and automate key elements of your content strategy. In addition to the 75-minute training session, you will receive a comprehensive workbook to help you brainstorm, plan, and execute a cohesive content marketing plan.

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