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Episode 4

Finding Fearless - Episode 4 - Martina Chavez

What does it take to find your path? How do you navigate when the road ahead isn’t entirely clear? What does it mean to ‘protect your energy’? How do you operate in a corporate culture where misogyny is part of of the mainstream?

These are just a few of the questions I unravel with my dear friend and former colleague, Martina Chavez, on Episode 4 of the Finding Fearless podcast.

Martina and I both started our journey as “women in tech” at the same company, and it was an eye opening experience for us both. Along the way we’ve learned a lot about what it takes to uphold your own values and to operate with integrity to find success and overcome the obstacles in your path. In our conversation Martina opens up about what it took for her to go from bankruptcy to business ownership, and how strategic trust and intentional choices have played a paramount role in her growth within the tech industry. In our conversation we talk a lot about the experiences we’ve encountered within the space, and how we’ve learned to navigate and thrive by being strategic in the ways we trust, network, and how we place and protect our energy in the face of sexism and male dominant work environments.

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To find out more Martina and connect with her further, you can visit her studio’s website at www.gaiayogastudio.com.

Additionally, you can connect with her on Instagram.


Madeline Reeves
Episode 3

Finding Fearless - Episode 3 - Kelly Bistriceanu

Fearlessness comes in many forms. One of the biggest fears that any of us can face is overcoming self doubt and making our dream career a reality. The most common thing I have seen in working with women is that while many of us dream of creating our own companies, very few of us set out and make that dream a reality. Fear of failure sets in, and ultimately it holds us back from growing into our full potential.

That is why I decided to kick off the New Year for the Finding Fearless podcast by interviewing my dear friend Kelly Bistriceanu. Kelly is a female powerhouse in the accounting and technology space, and she has recently set out from an established corporate position to launch her very own consulting firm and bring her business visions to life.  Full of drive and an unwavering understanding of her self worth, Kelly has a lot of powerful and inspiring advice to share with other women that are wanting to establish a business of their own on their own terms.

In this episode Kelly and I talk about what it is like being female in the male dominated professions of technology and accounting, and how we go about navigating business partnerships, mentorship, and friendships with men within the space. We also unravel the illusions of the ‘value of the 9 to 5 career’ that our generation was force fed by our well meaning parents, and talk about what it looks like to manifest a life and business that truly reflects your own value. It’s a powerful conversation full of quotable insights, and a lot of inspiration to help you dive into 2018 with intention and a commitment to owning your own potential to the fullest.

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To find out more Kelly and connect with her further, you can visit her website at www.kellybconsulting.com.

Additionally, you can connect with her on Facebook & Instagram.

Madeline Reeves
Episode 2

Finding Fearless - Episode 2 - Stacy Kildal

In the world of accounting professionals, powersuits and patriarchal paradigms are a dime a dozen. What really stands out? Being a woman with pink hair, and more importantly, being a woman with that is unwavering in the pursuit of defining and creating your own path.

In the second episode of the Finding Fearless podcast, I chat with Stacy Kildal about what it meant to take her “biggest obstacle” and turn it into a brand identity that both defined her business and connected her with the kind of clients she truly wanted to be working with. Along the way we also discuss what it is like to be a mom as well as a business owner, the realities that women face when it comes to navigating and owning space, and how to operate a business that fully aligns with who you want to be.

Stacy is the owner and operator of Kildal Services LLC, a consulting company that specializes in offering Quickbooks and bookkeeping services to small to medium size businesses. Stacy is also a member of Intuit’s Writer Trainer Network, and has been recognized for the past five years as one of the Most Powerful Women In Accounting.

Stacy and I sat down to talk about her journey to finding and defining success on her own terms, and shared stories and advice for women looking to build a brand and business that is a authentic extension of their own identity.

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To find out more Stacy and connect with her further, you can visit her website at www.stacyk.net

Madeline Reeves
Episode 1

Finding Fearless - Episode 1 - Adrienne Kimberley Rabena

What qualities does it truly take to make it as an entrepreneur? How do you build a business in a competitive market? How do you overcome when people steal your work and try to hold you back?

These are just a few of the questions that I dig into with Adrienne Kimberley Rabena in the first episode of the Finding Fearless podcast.

Adrienne is a yogi entrepreneur and founder of The Craft: Art of Yoga Teaching as well as the creator of the Bohemian Barre method. Adrienne also owns two studios (Bohemian Barre & Bohemian Studios) in Seattle, and she leads yoga teacher trainings and retreats for students around the globe.

She spent time this past month talking about her experiences as a female entrepreneur and shared stories of the obstacles she has faced along the way.

Use the audio player above to hear our conversation and listen to Episode 1 of the Finding Fearless Podcast.

To find out more about Adrienne, you can find her online in the following places, as well as in her new Barre Program that is launching on the Cody App on December 10th.

Personal Instagram: @adrienne_kimberley

Studio Instagram: @bohemianstudios

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/adriennekimberleyyoga/

Website: http://www.adriennekimberley.com/