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Episode 11 - Reyna Marrufo

I think it’s high time we dispel the perception that women need to be of a certain age to be on their way or “making it” in the world. I, for one, have been lying about my age for years so that people would stop using it as a means to discredit my abilities. That’s right, I’ve been lying about being older, not younger. I am sure I’ll find this ironic when I get to be in my sixties.

It’s become increasingly apparent to me that we need to be highlighting the stories of the next generation. Young women are most certainly the future, and our current cultural moment has made it quite clear to me that they are also the present. There is so much resting on the shoulder of Gen Z, and they know it. That is why they aren’t waiting to take action.

Enter, Reyna Marrufo, a 21 year old Latina writer, blogger, activist, and entrepreneur. Like many of her generation that grew up with access to the entire world on an iPhone in her pocket, Reyna is an amalgamation of ideas and abilities, full of light and an eagerness to take on the systems that held the women before her back. With the internet as her main medium, she dropped out of college to pursue a calling that she couldn’t keep quiet. Whether she is podcasting, writing, creating content on Youtube, or leading personal development workshops in her local community in LA, Reyna has proven she is a force to be reckoned with.

I stumbled across Reyna’s work while bouncing around the web in search of creative content, and I was struck by the wisdom and poise behind her work. Little did I know she was a young power house with a desire to take on the world and make it better and brighter for other women like her. I immediately knew that I wanted to hear her story, and I’m glad that she was willing to let me capture a piece of it so that I could share it with all of you.

Use the audio player above to listen to my interview with Reyna Marrufo.

To learn more about Reyna’s work you can check out her website, follow her on Instagram and Youtube, and subscribe to her podcast.

Madeline Reeves