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Episode 17 - Alexandra Sirocky

One of the most common misconceptions I see in the world of entrepreneurship is the idea that the path of a founder is linear. We often times hear these tales, particularly about male founders, where they get an idea, go out and get a bunch of funding, and BOOM! They make it. Instant success.

As a female entrepreneur myself, I know there are other equally important stories out there worth sharing. Tales of long term ideas turned side hustle where you bust your ass for YEARS before it can become your full time gig. I also know that “making it” means something different to everyone, and that it feels a whole lot different if you had to overcome hurdles and hardship along the way.

This past week, I had the chance to sit down with Alexandra Sirocky, and I was honored to hear her share so candidly about the struggles that arose along her path both in her personal life and her life as an entrepreneur. For those of you that are not familiar with Alexandra’s work, she is a yoga teacher, writer, and the force behind NOMaste, a business she launched to help others live a more integrated yogic lifestyle through movement medicine, self care practices, and establishing intuitive eating habits.

Alexandra first became interested in exploring yoga after an accident derailed her dreams of becoming a dancer. Along her path of discovering yoga, her life shifted dramatically, and her personal strength was seriously tested as a series of hardships cascaded into her life. What Alexandra found throughout this experience was that the practice of yoga could carry her through the hardest of times & connect her to the powerful personal strength she held within.

Join Alexandra and I as we talk about the power of being positive & in the present, our own struggles with authenticity & social media, her new e-book, and much more.

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Madeline Reeves