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Episode 14 - Stacy Kildal

What does “balance” even mean these days? Does it actually exist for business owners or is it a myth that we need to debunk entirely? As women dive into business ownership we are told to aim for “balance”, but many of us don’t know what that looks like. Especially if you’re someone who is scaling a side gig while working full time, the concept of “balance” likely doesn’t fit into your reality.

In the latest episode of the Finding Fearless podcast, I reconnected with my dear friend, Stacy Kildal to talk about what it took for her to go from employee to entrepreneur. We dug into her reasoning behind making this change, and what it took to make such major leap. The endeavor wasn’t an easy one, it took heart, hustle, and hard work. Over the course of several years of supporting clients on the side she diligently built a business that could not only turn a profit and support her family, but also become a platform for her to expand her reach in the accounting industry as a whole.

Today, Stacy is the owner and operator of Kildal Services LLC, a consulting company that specializes in offering Quickbooks training and bookkeeping services to small to medium size businesses. In addition to her consulting firm, Stacy is one of the hosts of the QBO Show, a very popular accounting industry podcast. Her expertise in the world of Quickbooks has  also earned her a spot as a member of Intuit’s Writer Trainer Network, and recognition for the past five years as one of the Most Powerful Women In Accounting.

Stacy and I sat down to talk about how she became a business owner, the ever present myth of work/life balance, prioritizing mental health & self care, creating clear business boundaries, and some of the key lessons we aim to pass onto our kids about both business & life in general.

Use the audio player above to listen to my conversation with Stacy Kildal.

To find out more Stacy and connect with her further, you can visit her website at www.stacyk.net

Madeline Pratt