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Episode 19 - Lizzy Cook

If there is one thing I love most, it’s a woman that isn’t afraid to speak her mind. A rule breaker, a no shit taker, a woman that has found her voice and encourages other women to do the same. Looking back now, it's not surprising that I instantly felt a kindred connection to Lizzy Cook. She was simply my kind of gal.

Lizzy and I first met in the world of tech and would connect at conferences where we were representing for our respective companies, both of us figuring out how to navigate on minimal sleep, social interaction overload, and often dealing with some not so subtle sexism. Whether it was men referring to us as “booth babes” or planning an escape from a bro-heavy happy hour, Lizzy was one of the women in my world that really understood what it is like being a #womanintech. And just like me, she isn’t content to sit tight with the status quo, she’s ready to change it.

On the latest episode of the podcast, Lizzy and I sat down and dug deep into the issues that face both women in tech and women in the broader working work. From breaking the glass ceiling, to addressing the gender pay gap, to talking through real-life tactics that women can use to elevate each other in the workplace, the conversation was all about our own experiences and how they have inspired us to speak up and drive tangible change for ourselves and the women around us. Tune in for this episode to hear our take on how to advocate for yourself in the current corporate climate, get advice on negotiating your next salary, and the lessons we’ve learned from bringing our values to the forefront in our work.

To connect further with Lizzy, you can find & follow her at @lzzycook.

Madeline Reeves