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Episode 20 - Sasha Graham

There’s no dancing around the subject. The stats speak for themselves. The state of equality (or lack thereof) within the executive level workforce is dismal and in dire need of disruption. It’s a problem that to some might seem insurmountable, or at the very least, pretty daunting. However, to the folks at the Equality Group, this is the exact problem they are determined to tackle head-on.

The Equality Group is an executive search firm that focuses on placing diverse leaders in the roles in the realms of Finance, Technology, and Social Impact. Founded by entrepreneur & philanthropist Hephzi Pemberton, the firm is committed to changing the business landscape by widening the range of exceptional candidates and offering them unique leadership opportunities. When I first connected with the firm on Instagram, I was determined to learn more about the tactics they are taking to level the playing field, and I ended up sitting down with their marketing manager, Sasha Graham to record an incredibly thought-provoking episode of the podcast.

During the latest episode, Sasha and I talk in depth about inequality & lack of diversity of the working world, and how equality is presenting the issue as a case for building a better & statistically more profitable business. We talk about the power of data to drive shifts in behavior and elevate unconscious bias, and how data-driven marketing is re-educating business owners on a global scale. In addition to discussing the work of the Equality Group, we took time to talk about some of the more tangible tools for driving change like training, policies, and legislation. Sasha shares with us her broad experiences from working in industries from fashion to finance, and the power of putting your values forth in an actionable way by working for a company that is creating positive and intentional change in the world.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Equality Group you can visit their website or follow them on Instagram at @equalitygroupglobal.

Madeline Pratt