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The Finding Fearless Podcast exists to share the stories of empowered women as they navigate and innovate in the working world.



Episode 2 - Martina Chavez

What does it take to find your path? How do you navigate when the road ahead isn’t entirely clear? What does it mean to ‘protect your energy’? How do you operate in a corporate culture where misogyny is part of of the mainstream?

These are just a few of the questions I unravel with my dear friend and former colleague, Martina Chavez, on Episode 4 of the Finding Fearless podcast.

Martina and I both started our journey as “women in tech” at the same company, and it was an eye opening experience for us both. Along the way we’ve learned a lot about what it takes to uphold your own values and to operate with integrity to find success and overcome the obstacles in your path. In our conversation Martina opens up about what it took for her to go from bankruptcy to business ownership, and how strategic trust and intentional choices have played a paramount role in her growth within the tech industry. In our conversation we talk a lot about the experiences we’ve encountered within the space, and how we’ve learned to navigate and thrive by being strategic in the ways we trust, network, and how we place and protect our energy in the face of sexism and male dominant work environments.

Use the audio player above to hear our conversation and listen to Episode 4 of the Finding Fearless Podcast.

To find out more Martina and connect with her further, you can visit her studio’s website at www.gaiayogastudio.com.

Additionally, you can connect with her on Instagram.


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