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Episode 3 - Jax Cassady

What exactly does misogyny feel like? Is it omnipresent and in your face, or is it something more subtle? Chances are it’s a bit of both.

It’s the comments made by male coworkers about your outfits. It’s realizing that you were only invited to a work event to be eye candy for male clients. It’s knowing that regardless of your skills and know how, you were actually hired to fill a female headcount quota. It’s being just as experienced and hardworking as the guys to your left and right, and knowing that you’re making 70% or less than what they take home annually.

So how do we change it? I think, in part, change starts by getting our stories out there, so that women can all collectively recognize and call out misogyny whenever and wherever we see it.

Episode 5 of the Finding Fearless podcast is exactly this type of conversation. I spent time chatting with my cousin, Jax Cassady, about what it has been like for her to experience and wrestle with misogyny within her career and across vastly different industries. Along the way we talk about the wage gap, the rise of Trumpism, how running and fitness are key to keeping sane, and what it takes to hold your own in a company that only sees your value as necessary to fulfill their diversity quota.

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Madeline Pratt