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The Finding Fearless Podcast exists to share the stories of empowered women as they navigate and innovate in the working world.



Episode 5 - Jenna McDonald

What does it take to navigate on the road less traveled? How do you sustain when support isn’t always there? Where do you look to to find guidance along the way?

At the core, these are some of the questions that were driving my recent conversation with Jenna McDonald, founder and owner of Passion For Practice, a global yoga business based off of Bainbridge Island, WA. My inquiries stemmed from some of my underlying knowledge of Jenna’s deep yoga lineage, and also my own curiosity as to the path that lead her to being the teacher and mother she is today. Jenna is someone who does not dance around the surface of any subject, and thus this resulting episode of the podcast is steeped in a rich discussion of the interpersonal work it takes to create and uphold a truly authentic life.

Invariability, the majority of this conversation also focuses on two topics that are near and dear to both of our hearts: the importance of creating community for women and the struggles we face as working mothers. We dive deep into our own experiences of having to reconcile the need to earn an income with our capacity to care for our children, and talk about how we seek out sisterhood to help sustain us when things get to be overwhelming. We also talk about the importance of woman centric spaces, and how having a council of like minded women is essential to help elevate all of us as we seek out and pursue our highest work and ultimately our highest selves.

Use the audio player above to hear our conversation and listen to Episode 7 of the Finding Fearless Podcast.

To connect further with Jenna and her studio, you can follow her on Instagram or visit her website to keep up with new events and programs.

Madeline Pratt