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Episode 7 - Jeny Rae

As women, so much of the way we see ourselves is tied to the way we perceive our bodies. Our self worth and self image is seemingly defined by our sex appeal, and our surrounding culture often exists to further amplify our doubts and imperfections. In our teens and early twenties, we often search for answers about who we are far outside ourselves, and sometimes the things we discover prove to do more harm than good. In a culture all too concerned with appearances, how do we help women tune into their true selves and establish empowered connections to their bodies?

Enter the work of Jeny Rae: yoga teacher, youth program director, and founder of Shakti Strong. Jeny’s intersectional experiences have led her first hand to know the fundamental importance of connecting young people to their power and women to their bodies. In her work with Circle In Truth, she is focused on facilitating safe spaces for people to truly own and reflect upon their stories. In her work as a yoga teacher, she is single handedly creating a new way for women to practice that empowers them to find and define their strength, femininity, and sexuality for themselves.

In this episode, Jeny and I unravel the many layers of her story that have led her to the work she offers today. From her journey as a single mother in her early twenties, to her activist calling, to her stumbling upon yoga, together we trace the thread that have brought her to this present place. Along the way we touch on the #MeToo movement, the power of vulnerability, and the interconnected nature of us all.

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To learn more about Jeny, you can follow her on Instagram or visit her website to check out her upcoming classes & workshop.

Madeline Reeves