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Episode 9 - Edi Osborne

There is this incredible super power that many of the  women in my life have where they identify another woman I need to know and then they make sure we get connected. Maybe it’s a because they see a similarity in our stories, or a common way of being, or some sensed shared history. Every time I’ve been introduced to another woman in this way through a friend, I always end up saying “Where has she been all my life?” That is exactly how I felt when I first was introduced to Edi Osborne. Although she was new to me, she felt like someone I had known for a very long time.

The interesting thing about meeting Edi, is that we connected at a point of major transition in our own individual lives.  For myself, the birth of my newest child has called me to question my work in the world of technology and consider what the right next step for me is work wise. For Edi, there has been a realization and a reckoning that after 25 years of working with accountants, she wants to make a shift to working solely with conscious entrepreneurs that are looking to change the world for the better.

The thing about us women, is that by our very nature, we are always shifting and changing. Externally and internally we are never staying the same. And as is such, we want the world to do the same. I see women constantly coming up against these moments of impasse, of where they have changed and yet the job, or the partner, or the place they are at has stayed the same. Those are the moments we must move on. Take a leap, start a shift, make a bigger impact.

This conversation touches heavily on our need to change shape as women in order to create change the world, and the questions that entrepreneurs must start asking in order to build a better one. Edi and I touch on what it means to be a business shaman, and how to set one identity aside to make space to do you biggest (and most important) work possible. We also talk about the power of this #MeToo moment and the actions men need to take for us all to move forward to a better place.

To learn more about Edi's work, you can visit the Mentor Plus Website, check out Edi's book, or connect with her via email.

Madeline Pratt