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The Finding Fearless Podcast exists to share the stories of empowered women as they navigate and innovate in the working world.



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Episode 1 - Why the podcast?

I realized nearly a year into this podcast that it was pretty crucial to set the stage for why this kind of work came into being. Truth be told, we’re living in the era of podcasts. The medium is definitely all the rage these days. But the medium is a means to a much more important end: telling stories.

I use to think of myself as a writer. Growing up, academically speaking, I was always known as one. As I got older, I wanted to be a blogger. I poured my heart into one after the birth of my first son. It gave me an outlet to let go, to connect, to get outside of myself and my homebound life. As my life and career shifted, I ended up writing more emails than I wrote stories. As time passed, as it always does, the urge to get those words out started to gnaw at me. Talking with other women became my core outlet. That’s when I realized this bigger calling wasn’t about just writing per say, it was about telling stories.

And with that realization, this podcast began making its way into the light. Because it needed to be here. Talking with friends, acquaintances and everything in between, I have realized we have reached this quintessential tipping point. This moment where finally, FINALLY, women are ready to start sharing their stories, and there is space for them to be truly heard.

I’m not talking about stories of perfection. Or of having it all together. This isn’t your source for finely curated success stories. This is your source for stories of scrappy women figuring shit out. Tales of women who won’t take no for an answer fighting tooth and nail to make space for themselves in this world. This is your place for authentic outpourings of what it really takes to be a woman navigating and innovating in the working world.

It is my gift to you. It is also a gift to myself and all of the young women wondering where their place is. It is my minor act of resistance. And it is the way that the stories are flowing for me right now.

I’m glad you found it. I hope it matters to you. If it does, will you do me a favor and take a small action to show me?

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Thank you for being a part of this journey.