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Episode 16 - Chloe Mason

When you’re young, chances are, you’re figuring life out. You are trying to make sense of who you are as a person, what you believe in, who you are attracted to, and what you want to make of your life. Teenagers typically do not of these elements fully fleshed out, and yet, every so often one of them does, and it makes them a force to be reckoned with.

I first met Chloe Mason when we were both 15, and we formed a mutual connection over fashion and boys. I liked the fact that she didn’t take shit from anyone, and I was blown away with her own determination and sense of self. When anyone asked about her life goals, Chloe would look them dead in the eye, and say: “I’m going to be a model.” She was so resolute in her conviction, I was not the least bit surprised that in such a difficult industry, Chloe went on to become exactly the model she convinced us as teenagers she would become.

These days, Chloe is still a straight shooter, which means that she will be the first to dispel any notion that modeling is easy or glamorous. She’s also a lot more than a model, and she is quick to share her other passions and her long term vision for her personal platforms. Chloe is someone that fully to embraces her identity, and will just as casually open up about why she identifies as a Queer Femme, as tell you about her adorable son, Ezra. I think that she can do it with ease because she has put in the work to assimilate all of the seemingly disparate pieces of herself into the dynamite package she is today.

Use the audio player above to listen to the latest podcast episode where Chloe & I talk about determination, sexuality, building your tribe, and learning to put on your own oxygen mask first. It’s a one-of-a-kind conversation that should not be missed. You can also keep up with Chloe’s adventures by following her on Instagram.

Madeline Reeves
Episode 15 - Jessica Blasingame

Starting at a very young age we begin to cultivate ideas of who we want to become when we “grow up”. We want to be an astronaut. A doctor. A painter. A scientist. A rockstar. As we get older, adults and other influences often push us to further refine these ideas of who we want to be. Typically well-intentioned, they want us to have something we are working towards, a single path to stay on.

As I reflected upon this recently, I was struck by one thing in particular: we’re conditioned to think we can only focus fully on being one thing. One career path. One goal in mind. Yet in my adult experiences, I’ve come across many friends and acquaintances that have managed to apply themselves fully to multiple pursuits. They are scientists AND poets. Politicians AND artists. CEOs AND writers. Or in the case of Jessica Blasingame, an accountant AND a wellness expert.

Jessica first began her career in the world of corporate accounting. Early inklings told her that entrepreneurship might be a part of her future path, and she chose to pursue accounting because she knew that the skill set would come in handy if those ideas ever came to fruition. However, the more time Jessica spent in the corporate environment, the less happy she became with her work. Around this same time, her health began to decline. Battling chronic fatigue and pain, she started to seek out solutions of any kind to ease her condition. It was then she realized she needed to make a critical challenge both in her life and in her work. Inspired by everything she was learning about health and nutrition, and encouraged by friends and family, she struck out on her own as an entrepreneur working in the world of wellness

Since that point in time, her entrepreneurial path has continued to evolve. Working as a yoga instructor and wellness coach, she was consistently interfacing with other small business owners in the space that needed help with their finances. When they learned about Jessica’s background, they would approach her for help, which is how she came to realize she could marry both of her passions into a single business. It was at this point she decided to start Beam Financial Group, a business coaching & bookkeeping firm that specializes in working with companies in the health and wellness space. By allowing her business to change over time she has created a company that allows her to bring all of her interests and expertise to her work every day.

Listening to Jessica’s story was an important personal reminder for me that we do not need to separate our passions. We don’t have to only bring part of ourselves into our work and fit all of our other interests into small sporadic blocks of free time. We can be a business owner AND a mother. A consultant AND a gym junkie. An accountant AND a yoga teacher. It is these seemly different pieces that make up who we are, give us a dynamic perspective, and help us be fully invested in our lives and in our work. We can be it all and in fact, we can be better for it.

Use the audio player above to listen to my conversation with Jessica Blasingame.

Additionally, if you want to connect further with Jessica, make sure to visit her website, and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

Madeline Reeves
Episode 14 - Stacy Kildal

What does “balance” even mean these days? Does it actually exist for business owners or is it a myth that we need to debunk entirely? As women dive into business ownership we are told to aim for “balance”, but many of us don’t know what that looks like. Especially if you’re someone who is scaling a side gig while working full time, the concept of “balance” likely doesn’t fit into your reality.

In the latest episode of the Finding Fearless podcast, I reconnected with my dear friend, Stacy Kildal to talk about what it took for her to go from employee to entrepreneur. We dug into her reasoning behind making this change, and what it took to make such major leap. The endeavor wasn’t an easy one, it took heart, hustle, and hard work. Over the course of several years of supporting clients on the side she diligently built a business that could not only turn a profit and support her family, but also become a platform for her to expand her reach in the accounting industry as a whole.

Today, Stacy is the owner and operator of Kildal Services LLC, a consulting company that specializes in offering Quickbooks training and bookkeeping services to small to medium size businesses. In addition to her consulting firm, Stacy is one of the hosts of the QBO Show, a very popular accounting industry podcast. Her expertise in the world of Quickbooks has  also earned her a spot as a member of Intuit’s Writer Trainer Network, and recognition for the past five years as one of the Most Powerful Women In Accounting.

Stacy and I sat down to talk about how she became a business owner, the ever present myth of work/life balance, prioritizing mental health & self care, creating clear business boundaries, and some of the key lessons we aim to pass onto our kids about both business & life in general.

Use the audio player above to listen to my conversation with Stacy Kildal.

To find out more Stacy and connect with her further, you can visit her website at www.stacyk.net

Madeline Reeves
Episode 13 - Sami Sweeney

There is nothing that inspires me more than a woman that knows her own strength. When I met Sami Sweeney for the first time, it was obvious that that was the type of woman I was dealing with. A former gymnast and cheerleader, Sami has become Seattle’s very own Pure Barre powerhouse, owning 6 locations in the area. In the past year Sami has expanded her domain even further, launching herself headfirst into both motherhood and the next level of entrepreneurship with a new venture she helped co-found called 421 Reset.

The thing that I admire most about Sami though isn’t just the fact that she carries herself with strength, it’s the fact that she’s teaching & inspiring other women to do the same. Through weekly classes, ongoing challenges, and health reset programs she is helping women discover their power and potential through full body fitness. Inside her studios Sami is empowering a staff of over 100 women to operate as leaders and promoters for the fitness foundations that Pure Barre is built on. A mastermind that seems to be constantly in motion, Sami is also a beacon for strength & wellness to the wider community as a brand ambassador for not only her own companies, but Lululemon & Fitbit.

When I look at a woman like this, I start to wonder, where does her strength and inner fire come from? Was it something that she was born with or was it built over time? Luckily for me, I was able to sit down with Sami and hear how her story started, and how she has evolved to become such a force within the fitness community in Seattle. In our conversation we touch on the challenges she has faced as a female business owner, how she was inspired to co-found a new venture, and how motherhood has completely changed the game and inspired her to keep aiming higher when it comes to her goals.

Use the audio player above to listen to my interview with Sami Sweeney.

You can also can connect further with Sami by following her on Instagram, following her Pure Barre studios on Instagram, and by checking out the latest 421 Reset challenge on their website.

Madeline Reeves
Episode 12 - Adrienne Rabena

Sometimes life hands you lemons, or so the saying goes. If there’s anything I’ve learned over time, it’s that it is what you do with those lemons that really matters in the end. So when I discovered my hard drive was corrupted and all 3 of the original episodes of this podcast were lost, I picked myself up (after shedding a few tears), and decided it was the perfect opportunity to re-record something more beautiful & meaningful than had existed before.

Luckily for me, Adrienne Rabena was totally game. For those of you that don’t know Adrienne, she is powerhouse yogi entrepreneur and founder of The Craft: Art of Yoga Teaching as well as the creator of the Bohemian Barre Method. Adrienne owns two mind-bogglingly beautiful studios the Seattle area (one in Phinney & one in West Seattle), and she also leads yoga teacher trainings and retreats for students around the globe in partnership with her incredible husband, Eric. In addition to her own training programs, Adrienne is also a featured teacher on Alo Moves.

But beyond knowing what Adrienne has built, which is impressive to say the least, I want listeners to know who she is at her core. Because Adrienne is a woman that lights my world on fire. She is the real deal, and she is one of the people I look to because I know she is doing the work. Every time we connect and collide, I find this blissful opportunity for us to both go deeper into understanding our stories, how they’ve shaper our world view and relationships, and how they’ve propelled us forward in the world to be creating work that calls to us and makes a difference.

To hear us unravel all of this and much much more, use the audio player above to listen to Episode 12 of the Finding Fearless.

Also, if you’d like to connect further with Adrienne, you can follow her & find her using the links below:

Adrienne’s Instagram - Studio Instagram - Website - Facebook

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