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Tech Companies

Fearless In Training is a female forward consulting company that works directly with entrepreneurial women, progressive accountants, and technology innovators to offer them help in starting, growing, and scaling successful enterprises. Built on a foundation of expertise in the realms of technology, marketing, education & business development, the firm offers collaborative & catered consulting services to help clients achieve their wildest business dreams.




With in depth experience in the world of SaaS, Fearless In Training is abundant in insights and expertise to offer growing application companies an advantage in the Intuit & Xero ecosystems. With a deep network of industry relationships & direct lines of feedback from the leading accounting firm & fellow SaaS solutions, our firm offers the resources needed to set your company apart in the space. Fearless In Training offers services ranging from an outsourced CMO offering to full scale creative agency activities to an exclusive set of industry applications looking to grow and scale in the US Market and beyond. The scope of an engagement could include:

· Overarching business development ·

· Partner program development ·

· Website consulting ·

· Sales & pricing development ·

· Outsourced marketing execution ·

· Creative branding·

· Industry focus groups & feedback ·

· Marketing & social media strategy ·

· Educational content creation ·

· PR & Industry Relations ·

To inquire about working directly with Fearless In Training to get in-depth & catered consulting for your application or technology company, use the button below to get in touch.

What App Partners Are Saying

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Madeline over the last few years in the accounting industry. Since we’ve brought Madeline on as a consultant she has proven to be a great resource to our team. Her expertise in messaging and branding is helping us efficiently acquire new customers. “

- Ryan Embree, Practice Ignition

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